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 10  beneficiariesIts useful,through writing of stories many things have come out from the society
 4  otherHater, you wouldn't listen to us really.
 5  actorsThe fomat is ok bcoz it has questions from al areas.may b it wil b more beter if only the problems b solved imediatly bcoz some r of in need of help
 0  beneficiariesHardly know what we need.
 5  actorsYes,this is because u understand the vision the organization has and why
 7  beneficiariesIt was useful bcoz it helps to know the various problems that is afectng people in the comunities so that it can b solved thx
 7  beneficiariesVERY widely yes. am now I'm saving some cash for my school fees
 7  fundersyes
 9  beneficiariesgreat!
 0  staffYes it was useful because I have been able to document the good work that is done by the Civil Society through donor support.
 9  actorsyeah
 9  othereh?
 5  beneficiariesyes. the community issues have been highlited and will help prioritize and accomplish development goals set.
 10  beneficiariesWho a u guyz?a don anastand u a writer n a motivation speaker tho av never taken part in wat u poppin up,come up distinctively!
 10  otherThe one you are using is ok to those who are computer ilitrate but you can use a temblet to other people .
 5  fundersBecause I am the apathetic executioner. (oops did I say that aloud? I meant programme executer.)
 6  otherJust a min am reply
 6  beneficiariesSince the first time i started writing articles,i do believe that the current system of writing stories and collecting them from the society is the best,as it has the writer who can still collect views and stories from those who can.t even write
 4  actorsMy god! it's full of stars!
 6  otherYes by visiting the communities
 5  otherCALL ME. I must speak in private.
 9  beneficiariesIf u can giv it more time
 7  beneficiariesit was nice bieng a scribe bcos i used it as a source of income and i met many people who taught me alot of things in tha community.
 5  beneficiariesYes this scribe žs very useful because make people to air out problems that affect most of the different areas in the community and by doing this now diffent org came to peoples rescure of traing about those issures and forsure it has chage many lifes and we are greatful
 2  beneficiariesI realized therea re some important things coming up on the stories. I collected in Kibera and also near Homa Bay (Western Kenya)...
 6  beneficiariesBy having global agents in our place
 5  actorsI could show you our lovely gardens.
 3  otherIt sounded excellent.
 5  beneficiariesgive me more papers for me to be able collecting more information. like 10,000. We need more resources
 6  beneficiariesCommit more resources.
 1  beneficiariesYour messages began to repeat themselves.
 10  beneficiariesYes,lt has made us know the problem in our community
 8  fundersThe people and the community should be helped to eradicate poverty in the community
 0  otherOh, I shouldn't like that.
 4  beneficiariesThe form is ok may be in 2013 it will be beter if the problems wil b solved imediatly helped you collect 482 stories. can i get a token of appreciation?
 6  actorsalso sponsure me in construction of children.s home so that i can change our community through global giving. reply
 6  otherSing her "Turtle Soup,".
 3  actors42 of 66 scribes replied within 24 hours, for a 64% response rate.
 3  beneficiariesShe soon got it out.
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