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Experiment: Your first feedback loop

Using this tool, you can complete a feedback loop in one day.

By tomorrow you will

  • experience a complete feedback loop
  • see how feedback can help you improve your organization's performance.
  • be ready to gather more feedback about your work.

This little experiment is not designed to provide enough feedback to yield deep insights or reliable answers, but it prepares you to build a feedback system for your organization that will. Today you're simply starting a conversation with a few people who know something about your organization's work.

Start by giving us your email, so we can notify you as people respond.


Sample survey

Here is a sample of the survey you will be sending out. It only contains ONE QUESTION and a place for comments.

After testing hundreds of questions, market researchers have discovered that this one question is the best predictor of a company's customer retention and future profits. People who give 9s or 10s to this question are more likely to promote your company or organization over others. Those who give less than a 7 are likely to respond to some other company. It only takes a person a few seconds to complete.

This question will appear in the email boxes of a few people you will choose:

How likely are you to recommend [some organization] to a friend?

[some organization]:
Help us improve this survey:

Choose some people

Choose 8 people you know who will have a view on your question.

List their emails here. Normally you would import a whole file of contacts, but this is just a demonstration.

Recipient 1:
Recipient 2:
Recipient 3:
Recipient 4:
Recipient 5:
Recipient 6:
Recipient 7:
Recipient 8:

You may want to email these people to let them know that a survey is coming. Tell them this is a “practice” or “test” survey. The results will be anonymous and only used for demonstration purposes anyway.

Sending survey out

If you are ready, click to send your survey out now.

In a few minutes to hours you'll receive an email inviting you to continue this tutorial, once your people have responded. Or you can change the language of the survey to be sent out first.

Change survey language

Our survey is powered by Delighted, which can send this question out in 36 languages. English is the default.